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The online landscape has changed drastically in the last two years… even the last two months! It should be a component of your business that is constantly monitored. The question we get from all of our clients is: “why does our website remain ahead of the competition?” The answer is: RMB Marketing is an online marketing agency that understands and incorporates all online elements into your inbound marketing plan. If you have never hired an agency to audit your website or optimize your web presence, we will support you through the entire upgrade. We enjoy marketing businesses to their potential.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.   It is a process of improving the domain authority and page authority of your website, helping push it ahead of other sites in the search engines so you can be found when people are searching for the products and services you offer.
We have never come across a business that doesn’t want more customers! Without search engine marketing, it makes it much harder to gain leads, which are potential customers.   Studies show that the more advanced and updated the SEO work is the better it works to deliver better page ranks. The key word is “updated”. It comes down to this; you have to keep on top of the ever changing algorithm that search engines use to determine who gets positioned where. RMB Marketing is a local search engine optimization company from Mississauga, and we pride ourselves on continuously upgrading our online knowledge. We pair our top search engine marketing techniques with our other services to make your business unstoppable!
Google is the top search engine right now, and have been for a while.   Our methods adhere to their latest standards and requirements, and we enjoy growing business with Google. If you can be found high in the results on Google, you know you will be high on Bing and Yahoo too.
White Hat techniques are the only way to play by the rules and not be penalized in the near future.   Unfortunately, other services and Mississauga SEO Companies like to use the quick-fix techniques known as “black hat”. They spam to get results. If you have or are currently dealing with an agency or company that uses poor practices we can conduct a website audit and help determine a marketing plan that suits your needs.    The Best Internet Marketing Techniques   … it involves expert knowledge and the application of complicated guidelines to the following areas of your online presence: • Design • Architecture • Coding • Content • Promotion • Website Link Value • Security

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