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You paid thousands of dollars for a company website. While it may look great, does it serve a purpose? It should receive two types of visitors: people that know your brand; and people that don’t know your brand but are looking for your products and services. This all comes through online promotion and brand building.

As the business owner, you have to make many decisions. As such, learning the ropes of the more technical elements of your business’ website and online presence will make it easier for you to make choices that are well informed. This will have a positive impact on your business. With us by your side advising and counselling you, the decisions you make will be better, educated and profitable.

Our team at RMB Marketing bridge the gap between you, the business owner, and the technical growth of your online presence. If you own your website (unless you’re with YellowPages), it will be one of your most important assets in the years to come. Not only that, it can be a prominent source of lead generation.

From experience, we have learned that the most prominent issue most business owners face when it comes to their online presence is they don’t know what they don’t know. As SEO experts, web consultants and web designers, we create insight for business owners, and help develop new age, marketing strategies. Our website developers are able to incorporate desired features to your project, with secure web hosting. We like to knowledge-share. Every client we have worked with have gained skills, insight, and knowledge that have helped them and their staff better understand and manage their business’ online real estate. They receive the coordination and assistance needed to strengthen their sites so that they deliver the kind of results that meet all their goals as a business.

When working with business owners, we never try to replace their advertising person or marketing platform. Even if you have in-house website developers or a graphic design or social media team, we do not want to step on toes. Our interests are aligned to those of our client’s and work with you to ensure that your team implements the most positive and relative ROI strategies currently available. We take pride in knowing that we are always ahead of the curve, and this is evidenced by our expertise and the results we deliver. Want to see proof? Ask about our Case Studies and data from some of the most competitive markets in Canada!

As a business owner, you understand that time is of the essence. From experience, we have learned that for consultation to be an efficient use of time the following three things should align. Take a moment and review each before filling out our Discovery Form.


Consider this: Is it the right time for your company to undertake a project of such magnitude? For this project to be a success, you (and your staff) must be committed and willing to make time to work on it. Your goal should be to achieve measurable improvements in regards to outcome and skills. It will take time and determination to see results. If you cannot make time to take on the project at the moment, it is advisable that you consider doing so at a later time.


As an online marketing solutions company, we play various roles requiring problem-solving, coaching, educating, and auditing. We limit the number of clients we work with at any one time to ensure that we deliver value across the board. It is worth noting that each project is different and our initial consultation helps us determine your requirements. You could be required to create more content for your website or have your staff make needed changes. As experts in your specific industry, you know your niche best!

Good Fit

Before committing yourself to the project, we have found that it works best to have a one-hour phone call or Skype call to discuss your needs and situation. We take the time to listen to our clients so that we can learn more about their customers, current online presence, and business in general. You are the experts in your niche, and we should exploit this. During this initial consultation, we encourage our clients to ask questions. It is up to you to decide if what we have to offer is the right for you and your business. Please note that this isn’t a sales call. It’s simply a getting-to-know-you discussion. If there is an opportunity for us to provide immense value,and you decide to move forward, we draft a proposal. The call is free of charge!

Our basic web design packages start off at $1397 for a 5-page WordPress site. Our SEO services will vary depending on your market competition. Our base charge for monthly Search Engine Optimization services starts at $997.

What Next?

• Step #One Complete Our Discovery Form
• Step #Two Schedule and Take Part in a 30 minute call
• Step #Three Make a Decision and Let Us Know When You’d Love the Project to Start

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you as a business, click on “4-Stage Plan” on our website’s navigation.

Let’s Discuss Online Presence

Very few local companies have all of the digital activities in concert. Think of it as your online real estate. Social Media is imperitive. How does your branding look? Is it all congruent across all properties? We have graphic design packages available for companies looking to re-brand. If you do not have a staff capable of handling the setup of your online accounts or the management of said accounts, we can provide the solution. Does your Sarnia website require advanced functionality or contains the logic required to handle a CRM or other clent management systems? Our web developers can integrate those, no problem.

Who is the best web designer in Sarnia?
Abstract and unique web design is an outdated model where a company delivers a product we like to call a “glorified business card”. Most web designers in Sarnia have this approach and not only will your website lack visibility, but it might view poorly on mobile devices, or be under penalties from Google and other search engines. Our Creative Agency functions not only as a website design company, but we strive to be the most practical Sarnia Website Design option for local businesses, entrepreneurs and corporations. Our internal management systems are precise and we can appropriately forecast deliverables.
We are located downtown 140 Christina Street, 3rd floor, Sarnia ON N7T 5T9 (above CCI Studios).

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