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We provide custom and basic web design tailored for your business.
RMB Marketing

Establish Legitimacy For Your Business

Whether You’re Targeting A Local Audience Or Eyeing A Larger Chunk Of The Market, A Website Is An Ideal Solution. RMB Marketing Develops High-Quality, SEO-Ready WordPress Websites That You Will Love.

We Provide A Quick Turnaround Time For Approval And Deployment.

Web design provides your business with a cost-effective channel that builds your online presence, drives conversions, and helps you reach a wider audience. Whether you’re targeting a local audience or eyeing a larger chunk of the market, a website is an ideal solution.

Data Gathering

Our team works with your admin to gather the correct information to prepare for the project.

  • Text Copy & Images
  • Hosting & Login Details
  • Logo & Colour Scheme
  • Platform Build

    The development process begins configuring the platform and the input of all text and image content.

  • Website Setup & Configuration
  • Theme Modifications
  • Page Content Input & Layout
  • Quality Testing

    We test major platforms and devices for compatibility, speed for a good online user experience.

  • Mobile Responsive Check
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Speed Testing
  • Deployment

    Our team implements the website move to live servers on the businesses preferred hosting plan.

  • Hosting Consulting
  • Migrate to Hosting Provider
  • Turnover Documents
  • Phase 1

    Data Gathering

    We will work with you to determine your website goals and map out a plan that will lead to more customers. We will gather as much information and content for your business/products/services. The content consists of photos, business information and written text for specific pages.

    Phase 2

    Platform Build

    We have over 10 years of experience building web development foundations for local businesses that deliver results. Our team will build out the specific pages, mock-up layouts, hosting arrangements and design elements to cater to your company website.

    Creative Web Development & Design

    RMB Marketing helps you and your brand establish positive online experiences for your clients. Optimizing for user experience is done by our in-house UX expert, and it greatly contributes to your ROI. Paired with our web design team, we will eliminate any hurdles that could cause user frustration. If your website is difficult to navigate, the visitors will “bounce”, which means they spend less time on your site.

    Creative Web Development & Design: Like when discussing UX, we want your website to be function, look great and be informative and easy to navigate. That requires a large consideration for the mobile experience, as the user base shifts mostly to mobile. We ensure your website is usable across all devices: desktop, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

    At this point in time, we are showing that 52% of all traffic to health industry sites is mobile. This is a growing space that is covered by having a Responsive Website. Responsiveness to mobile devices adjust to their dimensions and make sure that text is legible, offers and navigation is clearly visible and accessible. 

    Clients have seen up to
    Lead Increases

    Phase 3

    Quality Testing

    After our build, our team will run our quality testing to ensure the website looks good on mobile devices and popular browser variations. Once complete we will run image optimization and test for website speed to keep Google and your customers happy with website performance.

    Phase 4


    After the website project is approved and complete from the build phase, we then validate hosting details. This is where the website will host the files. RMB Marketing offers website hosting, maintenance packages. If the client prefers their own hosting we can arrange a site migration.

    Let's Start. Build Your Brand Today!

    We build great websites that convert each website we build is a fine-tuned conversion machine custom-tailored to fit your niche. let our WordPress experts create an online presence for your company today.


    Creative Web Development & Design

    Website Copywriting: This may be the most overlooked process of web design. We recognized how important Copywriting is. We have a designated, in-house content developer. They specialize in making sure the most relevant and optimized written content is available for the user. Two goals regarding content are: to get visitors to the site and convert those visitors into legitimate leads.

    Your content will be organized around topics and keywords you desire to target in the local area. Search Engines like Google will not deem your content relevant if it is uninformative and lacking organization.

    Website Development: All of our client’s custom websites are done on the industry-leading WordPress platform. We always use WordPress because it is known for being SEO friendly, and it has the ability to quickly update your site. WordPress has advanced plug-in options and is one of the most dependable CMS (Content Management System) available.

    We focus a lot of our attention on speed. By that, we mean fast page-load speeds. When most web users encounter a slow-loading page or website, they will click the back button… within three seconds! This is a conversion killer at its finest.

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