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    Your website's user experience should always give your visitors something positive about your website, and it is a crucial aspect of increasing customer loyalty and driving conversions.

    RMB Marketing aids you and your brand in establishing a positive online experience for all your clients. On-site user experience optimization is usually done by our team of UX experts, and it boosts your Return-on-Investment. In conjunction with our specialized web design team, we shall get rid of all hurdles that could result in user frustration. If you have a website that's difficult to navigate, the chances are that you will have a higher bounce rate since visitors will be spending little time on your website.

    RMB website design company will implement the crucial principles of web development for any business in Chatham Ontario Canada. We make sure that all users landing on your site have a good experience and can find all the information they are looking for. Positive interaction with your services and products creates more lifetime customers and aid in converting new ones.

    And if you have recorded data and visits for your website and social media, we shall address any loopholes through research and behaviour analytics. We always strive to create and improve your long-term business goals. Probably, your primary user base will show a better response to a more transparent and personal persona? Let us highlight what your optimal experience shall be and check results for every touchpoint.

Creative Unique Web Design and Development

When it comes to improving user experience, our web developers aim to create a website that is functional, easy to navigate, informative, attractive and you can also use our video production to spice up the website. This calls for an important consideration for mobile experience since the user base has now shifted to mobile use. We will see to it that your website can be used across all devices, from laptops to smartphones, desktops to tablets. As per the beginning of the year, analytics indicated that more than half of all the traffic to health niche sites was mobile. To cover this growing space, you will need to have a responsive website design.

Responsiveness to mobile handsets will adjust to the specific phone dimensions and ensure all the text is readable and that the navigation is accessible and visible.

Other Advantages of a Responsive Web Design

. It will work on all mobile devices.
- SEO friendly
- It is the right industry standard and practice

The RMB Marketing guys know how to get results for their clients. They rebuilt our website and it started to get new customers within a few months. You wont find a more precise group to work with.

Gilbert Maynard
AWS Services

Website Copywriting

This is arguably the most ignored process in web design real estate. We know the importance of copywriting, and we have a special team of content developers who specialize in ensuring your site has the most relevant and optimized content at the disposal of all users. The primary goals concerning content are getting visitors to your site and later converting them into leads.

We shall organize your content according to keywords and topics that you would like to target in the Chatham Kent Ontario locality or Nationwide. The major search engines like Google will often mark your content as irrelevant if it lacks organization and is uninformative.

Website Development

All the custom website projects weve completed are developed on the WordPress platform. We focus on the use of WordPress since it's SEO friendly and you can easily make updates to your website. Additionally, WordPress usually has several advanced plug-in options and is among the most dependable content management systems one can get.

We also pay close attention to speeds. And by this, we mean quick page load times. When users come across a sluggish website or page, they will probably hit the back button in less than three seconds.

Building a website: How long does it take?

We have two site options for our clients: Custom websites and template websites. More often than not, websites developed from templates take a shorter time to create. from the experience of recent projects which. The estimated time is about a month after completing the Discovery stage, but you will need your logo design and written content completed before the build. We can also help with graphic design if needed.

It is essential to have a professional development company team design your website since most website designers focus on the website's aesthetics. We have come across clients with attractive websites that no one visits and has no a lead generation.

There could be many reasons behind this, but the main reason is probably that one of the design companies just paid for a glorified business card. Our web designers in the Chatham area have vast knowledge of online marketing, web hosting and will create a professional website that Google will easily crawl.

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